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Cakes, Cookies and Cream... leading to ka-ching ching!...

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The 4 whys of banking

Why do banks ask so many questions and want so many documents? A primer. Why are banks so rigid in accept...

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All You Need to Know about Mergers and Acquisitions

A patient approach, an attractive target, a sensible intermediary and a proper due diligence could help you close a luc...

Others | Poonam Kulkarni |
Startup Yatra: A journey toward your Startup Success
Have you always wanted to get under the skin of that startup CEO you admired?! Well, here's your big opportunity. Swing by the offices of IXIGO, Value360 PR, Indiamart, Delhivery, Payu, IHO-Aetna, 5Ideas to meet their respective... .
Social Entrepreneurship | Poonam Kulkarni |
Solutions for Change: A Technologist’s Perspective
When creating a social impact, social entrepreneurs often approach the solution, before the problem. What can we learn from this? Ananth Aravamudan, Associate Director of SELCO Labs, speaks out. Technology can help produce major... .
Featured Entrepreneur | Poonam Kulkarni |
Gaurav Aggarwal's One Crore Kilometers Savaari Across India
Back in 2006, when a Senior Software Engineer of Cisco Systems was looking to travel from Mumbai to Roorkee via Delhi, he found how unreliable and frustrating a simple process of booking a car was. The car rental space was... .
Marketing & Branding | Poonam Kulkarni |
Social Media Tips From the Founder Of Gujju Tips
With increasing number of Startups looking at Social Media as a user acquisition channel, there is plenty of noise in this space. Having run GujjuTips for a while and working with several startups on their Social Media targeting,... .
Others | Poonam Kulkarni |
Techunt 2013: India’s 1st Talent Hunt for Entrepreneurship
In a unique initiative to promote technology entrepreneurship among young Indians, Computer Society of India, India's largest body of computer professionals and Nurture Talent Academy, India's 1st institute for entrepreneurs,... .
Products & Services | Poonam Kulkarni | - The Go-To Site For A Wide Variety of Office Supplies
There’s something about stationery that makes your palm itch. Perhaps it is the perfection of shape of a new eraser or the strangely attractive pencil shaving and the pointiness of the lead; perhaps it is the smell of the ink... .
Others | DARE |
Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Law Course For Startups
There are only two reasons an individual chooses to become an entrepreneur. One - For the sheer joy of being able to create entities that contribute to economic activity, growth, development of markets and opportunities and of... .
Products & Services | DARE |
Avocado App - Bringing Couples Closer This Valentine's!
Back in 2010, a therapist casually remarked to Chris Wetherell that developers like him who made social software were actually generating a lot of business for her. She believed that social software was breaking the bonds of... .
Social Entrepreneurship | DARE |
Even as we are witnessing a new wave of the emergence of business entrepreneurs, there are, among us, people who carry the entrepreneurial spirit with a vision to create sustainable social impact, addressing some of the world’s... .
Women of Substance | DARE |
DARE Partners With Women's Web: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These
A couple of weeks back, I came across the link to this sweet story from among the many tweets that flood our DARE twitter account. Curious to know more, I clicked the link open and was astounded by this world of flour, frosting,... .
in the news | Abhinav Sahai |
They ALL might be wrong, don't blindly follow what others are doing!
I was having a conversation with a client over the layout of a landing page. I shared my ideas on how it should be, coming mostly from my experience. The client had a different perspective and shared a couple competitors' examples... .
Products & Services | DARE |
FRROLE - The Social Newspaper Launches iPhone and Android App
The Office of Registrar of Newspapers of India estimated the total circulation of newspapers in India (across all languages) for the year 2011-12 to be a whopping 37,38,39,764. Known to be the biggest market for newspapers and... .
Partner Events | DARE |
DARE's Video Series Gets A Bang Of A Start!
Bangalore has been seeing a lot of startup events lately. But this one by far fades every memory of every event that has happened to the Bangalore Startup Community till now. Counting down to a month is Bangalore's biggest... .