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The spirit of entrepreneurship

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Ajay RaiBy Ajay Rai.

The journey of entrepreneurship is an amazing experience. Those who go through it are seldom, if ever, able to describe it with any degree of accuracy. It has to be experienced individually to really understand the great high that is inherent in this activity. The by products of entrepreneur are of course visible to anybody who is willing to see. The great wealth that is created reaches out to all who would like to take this journey some way or the other. It plays no favorites. It is transparent. And played with passion, the results are guaranteed.

True to form, entrepreneurship follows no established rules. In almost all cases, the entrepreneur creates his/her own rules of the game that s/he creates.

However, when it comes to the entrepreneur himself/herself as an individual, the rules are definite. Entrepreneurship is not for the light hearted. It is a responsible call, and needs all the ingredients that a tough task needs.

For example, as in any important journey, return to the basics is important for the entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur journeys alone. S/he is his/her own pathfinder. In addition, there are a number of other, equally important, basics and we will go through some of them in this column, and the next. Ultimately, we will have that golden list of basics without which entrepreneurship means very little.

Ultimately, even these basics mean very little unless they are illustrated and reinforced with experiences of the first kind. That is, where you, the reader, come in the picture. Whether you are a well established entrepreneur or a just- started one, or whether you are just thinking of being an entrepreneur, or one who somewhere en- route lost his/her way, your reaction to the basics will be not only interesting, it will be really important.

Remember, this is an interactive effort. As a true blooded entrepreneur, or entrepreneur in the making, you may agree, or you may not agree with some of the issues in this column. In either case, it will be great to hear from you. I will also be happy to respond to specific queries relating to personal, professional, educational, and, possibly the most important, a career choice that is challenging and satisfying and is best for you. So, please feel free to write to me. I can be contacted through email [] and/or the good old letters [Dr. Ajay Rai, 153/18 Shipra Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur 302020]. For those who would like to, please be assured, definite confidentiality will be maintained.  For those who would like to, please be assured, definite confidentiality will be maintained. From others, please mention that you have no objection to my using contents of your communication for sharing with other readers when you write to me.

Remember, as I said earlier, inside all of us there is an entrepreneur. And s/he is continuously trying to come out, and be counted. Let him/her.


Call of the entrepreneur!

Ajay Rai is a Executive Director,TiE Jaypur [Rajastan]


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