Nantero raises $31.5M for ultra-fast carbon nanotube memory chips

Nantero's NRAM chip is made from carbon nanotubes.

Alternative memory chip designer

Above: How Nantero memory chips work.

Image Credit: Nantero

Nantero cofounder Schmergel said in a statement that the technology is already under development in world-class factories, and more than a dozen major corporate sponsors are actively working on NRAM. In the next stage, he said Nantero’s chips will enter volume production.

Alan Niebel, a memory chip analyst at and founder of WebFeet Research, said that the technology “has the potential to change the future of electronics.”

New advisors include Stefan Lai, a previous Intel senior executive who coinvented a key memory type dubbed EPROM tunnel oxide (ETOX) flash memory cell, and Yaw Wen Hu, a previous executive and current board member at Inotera Memories.

Via:: Venture Beat