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Jigsee mobile streaming video, we call it revolutionary

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JigseeHave you downloaded Jigsee yet? If not you are missing some experience. Jigsee is a video streaming service to your mobile phones. Before I say much, stop now, go to using your mobile phone download the software, watch some videos (there's the Steve Jobs' address to Stanford students) and come back to read further. Ofcourse, you need to have a at least a GPRS connection on your mobile to run Jigsee.

So I hope you experienced Jigsee. The moot point is this: here's a product that speaks for itself. I have not come across any video streaming services that works as elegantly as Jigsee. Why am I waxing eloquence on this? I have watched closely some of the best brains in video streaming technology, they have not come as close to releasing a working product. Well, that's another story.

I spoke with one of the founder directors of Jigsee, Ray Newal. Here are some highlights:


Philosophy behind video of mobiles

We believe video is a very big space. For most people who are on the move, video experience is something beyond reach since it is bandwidth hungry and requires a feature-rich smartphone. We want to get videos int to the hands of people who have a regular mobile phone with  a GPRS connection. With 3G hitting the market, GPRS costs have crashed down. This is a great time to serve a multitude of people with video at down-to-earth costs.

Jigsee model

It does not cost to watch videos on Jigsee. All it costs is the GPRS connection fee which the subscriber pays anyway to the network. Simply download the Jigsee software (it is small), install and run. All of this takes less than five minutes. It does not ask for registrations nor any preference details.

Why Jigsee is different

We believe in the "keep content free  and serve ads" model. It is the best we model that works for the market we are looking at. We are building a good ad delivery platform which ensures. We have lined up one of the best content. We have won the trust of content partners. We have been able to line up 2.5 lakh minutes of video so far. This will grow continuously.

Business essentials

We are not making money now. Our focus now is to get the audience. In the next 12 months we intend to build and deploy our ad serving platform. By then our audience would have grown to levels where we can attract advertisers.

We have gone through Series A round of funding. Our investors are Sequoia Partners and Indian Angel Network (IAN). We have offices in Mumbai and Toronto. We are getting ready for Series B investment. 

We will be airing a podcast with the founders of Jigsee shortly. Stay tuned in.

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